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MarketClub is a web site that has some nice features to help you become a better trader.
The site is split into 4 main sections:
  • Chart Portfolios
  • Smart Scan
  • Trade School
  • Data Central

Chart Portfolios

Chart Portfolios is where you can create, manage and chart the instruments you are interested in.  Equities, Forex, Futures, and Mutual Funds are included.  The charting is a nice implementation using Java-based charts and has all the features you would normally need (trendlines, studies, different timeframes, etc.).  The unique feature is the 'Giant Footprint' button that shows good entry and exit points on each chart in different timeframes.  It is a simple concept that uses the highest-high, or lowest-low of the last 3 periods, but is surprisingly effective.

Smart Scan

Smart Scan is a useful scanning technology that finds instruments that are making new highs or lows, and have strong or weak Displaced Moving Average (DMA).  Again all the instrument types are supported and you can use this scan to quickly find good trade setups.

Trade School

Trade School is a series of audio workshops and workbooks that cover many aspects of good trading.  A few of them are a little dated (1996), but they mainly cover topics that are 'classic' and can never really go out of date.

Data Center

Data Center is where you can download 1 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute, 1 hour, or daily data in tab-separated, comma-separated, or MetaStock format for any of the instruments supported by MarketClub.  Great for doing your own analysis.  There is no limit to the amount or frequency of the downloads you can perform.

Overall this is a handy, useful, and informative site, and the additional movies that demonstrate how to effectively use all the features of the service are excellent.

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