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 Financial Consulting Services
PMKing Trading offers financial consulting services to global clients.  We are located in the town of Middlebury in Addison County.  We offer fee-based independent financial consulting services.  We do not make money from selling products like insurance or mutual funds, and are not affiliated with any other financial institution.  Because of this we can offer unbiased, totally independent financial advice tailored to your specific circumstances with no conflict of interest.
We offer a free initial consultation to determine whether you would be a suitable client, and that you are confident we have the experience and expertise to assist you.  All advice is offered on an hourly basis, so you always know how much you are paying.
In addition to answering any specific financial questions you may have, a typical financial overview includes a detailed analysis of the following areas:
  • Budgeting
  • Debt Reduction
  • Emergency Cash 
  • Financial Protection
  • Retirement 
  • Assets and Investments
  • Liabilities and Credit
  • Savings Goals
  • Other Financial Goals

We also specialize in trading system design and development, and teaching people how to improve their trading or investing.

If you would like to arrange a free initial consultation, or would like more information please use the Contact section of this site.
Recommended Reading for Financial Consulting Clients
PMKing Trading recommends that clients read 'Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom' by Van K. Tharp, D.R. Barton, Jr., and Steve Sjuggerud before coming to see us for your initial free consultation.  We also recommend 'The Why Cafe' by John Strelecky which is on our non-trading reading list here.
Use the links below for details.

In this book the authors outline unique and useful steps to making yourself financially free.  Using the 'Financial Freedom' number to determine how far you currently are from 'Infinite Wealth' is a very interesting paradigm-shift in most people's thinking, and one that we definitely recommend.
Once you know how far you are from financial freedom, you can then work to implement the money-making strategies explained in the rest of the book.  These, coupled with high-quality professional advice, should see you on the path to financial freedom in very little time.
Visit the Van Tharp Institute

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PMKing Trading does not give investment advice regarding trading specific securities.

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