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Visit the Van Tharp Institute for excellent trading-related products and services.

PMKing Trading has found many of the products and services from the Van Tharp Institute to be of great value in our quest to become a successful trading business.  We recommend that all traders study the following products (which we own, and have used extensively) carefully before trading or investing:

    A detailed, extensive, and thorough course that teaches you everything you need to know to become a successful trader.  If you only purchase one piece of trading-related education, this should be it.

    There are other sources of information that cover how to develop a profitable trading system, but this is the only one we know of that specifically helps you to create a trading system that is matched to your trading personality.  Having a trading system that is not in conflict with your trading persona is one of the keys to success that is often overlooked, and this course helps you achieve that goal.

      After you have determined how to trade, and what to trade, the major missing piece of the trading puzzle is 'How big do I trade with the capital I have available'.  This series of DVDs covers every aspect of this important topic.

        In this one hour audio CD which is a recording of a teleseminar presented by Van Tharp, you get all the information from calling into the seminar with none of the inconvenience. The seven areas that this CD covers are essential information for any trader, and the price is a bargain for one hour of Van's time and expertise.

          Taking a look at various money management techniques in great detail, this report complements the DVD series mentioned above.

            If we had to choose only one trading-related book, this would be it.  A true must-read for every trader, regardless of their experience or skill level.

              An excellent companion volume to Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom for those who require more detail about the specifics of shorter-term electronic trading.

                If you ever want to develop a trading system or method that suits your own personality, then you must first understand who you are as a trader.  This psychological profile provides a detailed insight into your trading persona, and can offer clues to exactly where you need to concentrate your efforts, or work on self-improvement.

                  This set includes 7 audio CDs (plus a supporting data CDROM) in which Van discusses key concepts that relate to the psychological aspects of trading. Each audio CD is a recording of an hour long teleconference on subjects which include: Discipline, Beliefs, Mistakes, Games, Self-sabotage, Goal Setting, and Personality Types. This is an informative series for anyone wanting to work on improving their trading performance.

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                  This set includes 8 audio CDs (plus a supporting data CDROM) in which Van discusses how to go about planning a successful trading business. Each audio CD is a recording of an hour long teleconference on subjects which include: Commitment, The Big Picture, Discipline, Basic Trading Knowledge, Personal and Business Finances, Personal Edges, When and How Trading Systems Work, and a Critical Review of Sample Business Plans. Business planning might not be the 'sexiest' area of trading, but it is certainly one of the areas where you can set yourself up to 'win before you start' if you tackle it properly.

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                  An interactive, intensive, rea;;y excellent workshop that covers a lot of the material in the Peak Performance Home Study Course, but also includes a very useful group trading simulation exercise, and many practical techniques (demonstrated directly by Van) that can help significantly improve your trading. A "must-attend" workshop for anyone truly serious about their trading success.

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