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The Complete Guide - Introduction
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Many people would say ‘If you are already a successful trader with a profitable trading company, why would you write a book to tell other people how to do what you have done?’ The simple answer is that when I decided to create a successful trading business there was no single book that offered a complete solution to what I needed to do; so I decided to write one. I did not know if I would publish it when it was finished – I just knew that if I wrote it my own trading would be significantly improved and I would know I had ‘covered all the bases’. I also knew that I would eventually want to employ people to help grow my trading business and I would need an ‘employee manual’ to help me explain the philosophy behind the business.

The more complex answer is that in doing the work to write this book, my trading has improved dramatically because I have been encouraged to think very deeply about every single aspect of my trading business and why I created it the way I did. This is similar to the revelations I get when I answer other trader’s questions on online trading forums. I have been contributing to one of them for a few years and I am sure it has improved my trading much more than other’s trading has been improved by my answers. I will leave the reader to discover which forum I regularly post on.

In writing this book I learned one major thing about building a successful trading business, and that is if you really, truly love trading, and have an open mind about learning how to do it well, then you can succeed – given the right information and preparation. I also realized that the things that make a trading business successful are all ‘learnable’ – there is no secret magic involved - and that the markets are big enough for us all to succeed.

Lastly, in case you are hoping for the magic formula or trading system to be revealed here, you will be very disappointed. Success is not about a trade entry signal, and if you think that is the important aspect of building a successful trading business then just stop reading now and subscribe to one of the many ‘win on every trade’ newsletters that fill up your email Inbox every day. Building any successful business is about hard work, good planning, and more hard work. This book is intended to tell you exactly what it is you should be working hard at to be a success in as complete and detailed way as possible.

In attempting to cover a complex subject such as building a trading business it is inevitable that I cannot go into as much detail as I would have liked in every single aspect. In these cases I have concentrated on completeness rather than detail and have hopefully given enough context and background information to allow you to research the area in more detail using other recommended sources where applicable.

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