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The 10 Golden Rules of Trading
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In this SmartTraderTM Series of eBooks, we will outline and explain in detail key concepts and ideas that are critical to the successful operation of a trading business.  Although they include advanced trading concepts, even if you are a novice trader they can help you improve your trading and give you a focus for areas of improvement.


For experienced traders the eBooks are full of expert advice and advanced concepts that cannot be found anywhere else.  All the information in the series of eBooks has been taken directly from our experience of building a successful trading business, and contains nothing that is purely academic - it is all excellent, usable, practical advice that we have used successfully in our own business.


In this introductory sample, we cover the few rules that should never be broken in trading.  If you can apply these rules consistently, and with discipline, you will be well on the way to being a profitable trader.


The rules we cover are:


  • Have specific goals and objectives
  • Be consistent and disciplined
  • Let profits run
  • Cut losses short
  • Never add to a losing trade
  • Don’t take too much risk
  • Only trade positive expectancy systems
  • Minimize all trading business costs
  • Be well educated
  • Don’t trade scared money


We hope you enjoy this series of eBooks and that they improve your trading performance. 


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