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How to Import a TradeStation ELD File
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Instructions for Importing and Setting Up ELD Files
  1. Click on the link next to the TradeStation Icon on the Strategies Page
  2. Save the ELD file on your computer
  3. Run TradeStation Version 8.1 (visit if you do not have this installed)
  4. Select File-Import/Export EasyLanguage..
  5. Select Import EasyLanguage from file
  6. Browse to the ELD file you saved in step 2
  7. Follow the instructions to import all the EasyLanguage objects
  8. Either download, save and open the Workspace file (TSW), or follow the instructions below to apply the strategy to a new chart
  9. Select ChartAnalysis to create a new chart
  10. Select Format-Symbol
  11. Use @ES for the symbol
  12. Select 500 days back
  13. Select 1 minute bars
  14. Select TradeVolume for Volume
  15. Click OK to go back to the Chart
  16. Select Insert-Strategy
  17. Choose the Strategy you imported in Step 7
  18. Select Format-Strategy
  19. Click Properties
  20. Set MaxBarsBack to 1200
  21. Select Insert-ShowMe (if there was a ShowMe in the ELD file)
  22. Choose the ShowMe you imported in Step 7
You should now see Buy/Sell signals and Stops on the chart.  Select View Strategy Performance Report for trade details.
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