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 Other Useful Trading Books
The following list of books did not make out 'Top List' but are still definitely worth taking a look at.
A detailed discussion of whether markets are efficient or not.

Extending his work on candlestick charting techniques to other technical abalysis areas.

A good collection of ideas for building your own trading systems.

Some good rules for trading success in the long term.

Written for horse race gambling but has some techniques applicable to trading.

How to buy when everyone else is selling.

Good introductory book for beginners.

Packed with interesting areas for further study.

Covers both the theory and practice of electronic day trading.

The only book you need to read on futures fundamental analysis.

More investing than trading related, but has some good concepts.

An entertaining look at the hedge fund business and its characters.

Easy to read with sound advice on trading as a business not a hobby.

Good insights into the relationships between markets and how to trade them.

Interviews with 18 money managers with diverse backgrounds and techniques.

Detailed analysis of stock market bubbles.

The most comprehensive book on this particular technical charting method.

A gripping story of derivative dealing on Wall Street.

A host of new ideas in the technical analysis domain.

More practical advice with the hindsight of his financial blowup.

An excellent collection of rules to trade by from an experience trader.

An informative glance inside the hedge fund world.

A good primer in trading system theory and development.

Considered the definitive work on technical analysis by many traders.

Rules worth taking note of for any trader.

More information about the famous Turtle traders.

Practical advice for novice to intermediate traders.

A comprehensive and in-depth look at a wide variety of trading ideas.

A good all-round trading course, with excellent sections on trading system optimization.

Insights into the 9 people Train considers the most successful investors ever.

The major conflicts of interest the financial industry does not want you to know about.

A good beginner's book but with some very interesting ideas thrown in.

Excellent practical advice you can actually really use.

Good insights about how you should view the markets.

Includes useable strategies written by people who actually trade.

Proves that even smart people can take on way too much risk.


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