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 Recommended Trading Environment Hardware
In today's fast-moving electronic markets, technology plays a key role in the success of a trading business.  A fast, reliable, and robust trading environment setup with backups for everything is essential for the accurate implementation of your trading systems.
During our research to find hardware to support our trading systems we have found the products listed below to be excellent.

A fast reliable and quiet PC with a decent amount of RAM as standard.  Well-built with quality components.  A great workstation for your main trading computer.
If this one is too expensive for your budget, we also like desktop PCs from Gateway.

A crystal clear display that doesn't take up a whole lot of space on your desk.  Cutting corners with your trading display is not a good idea and this one is high quality but not too expensive.
A fast reliable laptop with a huge display.  This machine is a bit large and heavy to be lugging around everywhere, but it is a great portable backup trading computer in case you have to trade outside your office, or your main desktop computer blows up.
A comfortable, small, very portable wireless optical mouse that turns off when you stow the tiny receiver on the mouse to conserve battery power.  I like this mouse so much it has become my everyday one for all my computers, not just my notebook.
Being able to manage or close positions if your power fails is essential to your trading environment.  This backup power supply will give you the time to exit positions if necessary.
A good, fast, reliable, and easy-to-setup wireless router.

A fully-functioned and relatively inexpensive way to have a portable wireless backup "PC" for your trading.


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