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Some traders swear by it, while others swear at it.  Some people ridicule it and most don't really understand it.  Whatever your expertise with Elliott Wave technical analysis, the web site at Elliott Wave International is the place to find out what all the fuss is about.  Even if you don't believe in market cycles, the simple fact that many people use this technique is reason enough to find out more about it.  This may sound like a circular argument, but who ever said the markets were rational?
The site is so packed with information and services that it can be overwhelming to start with.  Here is a brief overview of the main services (in approximate order of increasing cost) and what they do for you:

I. Books and DVDs
II. Basic Services
     There are many interesting 'extras' included in the regular subscription:
  • Multi Media Lounge for audio and video presentations
  • Reports Library for article archives
  • Message Boards for getting your questions answered
  • Education Tutorials for learning all about Elliott Wave from beginner to advanced
  • Online Courses to improve your trading
III. End-of-day Services
     US Short Term Update - detailed chart analysis and commentary on various major US stock indexes and other factors like the dollar and gold.
     European Short Term Update - detailed chart analysis and commentary on important European stock indices.
IV. Monthly Services
     Where markets are in their wave status and the implication for the economy.  This service comes in 3 flavors:
All in all, a huge and interesting amount of content and services all about Elliott Wave analysis.  If you can't find it here, it's not worth knowing about this particular subject.
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