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TradingMind is a software application that is focused on improving trading discipline by simple repetition of targeted self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques.


The software is easy-to-run since it is written in MacroMedia Flash and requires no installation - it operates directly from the CD ROM.  After a brief introduction the main application consists of a menu with 10 lessons that cover the following topics:

  • Trading to Win
  • Taking Losses
  • Trading Discipline
  • Fears and Emotions
  • Focus
  • Success
  • Losing
  • Bad Habits
  • Over-confidence
  • Success Zone

Each lesson is presented as an audio soundtrack in a pleasant female voice and starts with different variations on basic relaxation techniques including posture and breathing that is designed to get you ready to gain the most benefit from the session.


Once you are totally relaxed the session consists of key concepts presented in the first person so that the ideas are most readily received by your conscious (and subconscious) mind.  Nothing in the sessions is "mind blowing" or unique, but straightforward and simple beliefs that are useful to your trading, but often difficult to adhere to under pressure.


"I always adhere to my stops to avoid large losers" is a typical example of the kind of beliefs that are being "embedded" during the session.  Each session lasts only a few minutes and is designed to be repeated a few times per week (daily would be ideal).


One key caveat is that this software will not and cannot make up for a negative expectancy system - no matter how disciplined you are.  In fact, using the software to aid in the accurate implementation of a losing system would actually be detrimental to your trading.  Have a complete, tested, and positive expectancy trading plan is a pre-requisite to using this software.


In summary, if you do have a good trading system but are losing money due to psychological implementation errors, stress, or other human mistakes, then this software could definitely help you reduce your stress level, increase discipline and accuracy, and therefore reduce trading errors.  At $129 the relaxation techniques on their own could make enough difference to pay for the software in saved errors many times over.


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