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The SMART Score is a rating method developed by PMKing Trading LLC over the last 10 years.

It incorporates 4 main areas of analysis:

  • Technical Price Action
  • Comparative Fundamental Industry Analysis
  • Global Sentiment and Opinion
  • Recent Catalytic Events and News
Companies are rated between -100% (very negative outlook) and +100% (very positive outlook).

A score between -50% and +50% is considered to be "Neutral" and no action should be taken to enter or exit a position in the company.
Companies with scores at the extremes of the range (greater than +80% or less than -80%) should be added to your portfolio regardless of long/short balance.
Companies with scores between the neutral zone and the extremes should be managed with existing positions and long/short portfolio balance in mind as suggested by the recommendations in each SMART Report.

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