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There are 2 ingredients required for successful trading:

  1. A complete trading method that is suited to your trading style
  2. The psychological discipline to accurately implement the method
Most of the products on the market that attempt to teach you how to trade are horribly incomplete and/or completely ignore whether you are capable of actually implementing them.
The Quantum Swing Trader course is unusual in that it does fulfill objective 1, and also has something in there that can help you with 2 (even though strictly this is more of an "advert" for another product that can help).
What's In the Box?
The course consists of the following items:
Trading For Beginners
This introductory book "sets the scene" for the whole course with a brief but complete guide to trading concepts and terminology that any trader must/should know.  It is clear and well-written although basic (which is what it is supposed to be).  There is nothing here for the experienced trader, but it should be useful for a beginner.
The Course
The main course is on 7 CD ROM lessons which are an audio voiceover with slides.  All the material on the CDs is reproduced in the manual so you don't have to go back to the CDs to refer to some piece of information from earlier in the course.  Some people learn better from audio, while other may like the reference of the manual - the course gives you the choice.
The best way to use it is to go through the CDs until you are comfortable with the information, and then use the reference manual.  The CDs are spit into the following sections:
  1. Introduction and Basics
  2. Overview Part One
  3. Overview Part Two
  4. Trading Rules
  5. Search Criteria
  6. Stocks and Options Tutorial
  7. Search Criteria Tutorial
The CDs take you step-by-step from the basics (which are a summary of the relevant points from the "Trading for Beginners" book) to the idea behind the method, instrument selection, setup and entry, position-sizing, and exit rules.
Each concept is tackled in a clear, easy to understand, and unambiguous way with no "fuzzy logic" or discretionary parts to the system.  The main criticism I have is the relative importance of filters, setup, and entry in the material versus exits and position-sizing.  In my experience it is the latter 2 that make the money in a method so should be the bulk of the information - but at least the course does cover exits fully and does mention position-sizing (which it calls risk management).
Blue Prints
The last components of the course are 2 "blue prints" which are a detailed summary of the method's rules - one for trading in an uptrend, and one in a downtrend.  Just the fact that these sheets can be included in the course demonstrates that the rules for the method are complete and well-defined.
Mental Fitness for Traders
In this short but informative tutorial by Norman Hallet (who developed the TradingMind Software reviewed here) the aspects of trading that are not directly related to your trading method are discussed.  As I mentioned at the start of this review, being able to accurately implement your method is one of the success criteria and this tutorial covers some of the reasons why people fail.
Any trading method must be adapted to your own personality, circumstances and tolerance for risk and expectation for reward, but at least if one starts out with a complete, consistent description of a trading method, your chances of adapting it to suit yourself are greatly increased.
The Quantum Swing Trader course can help any trader who does not have a complete method understand what it missing from their current trading method, or provide a complete method for them to work with.

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This course comes with a 45 day money back guarantee and a 3 payment option.

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